How Gridcube Works

Our service has the ability to deploy a private blockchain network with just a few clicks.

All you need to access your newly created blockchain is an API, that is launched automatically. 


Step 1. Select your TIER

We have 4 Tiers, Developer, MidMarket, Growth and Enterprise. Bigger tiers have higher speed, for higher network demand. See the details in our pricing page.


You can choose to create Tokens, Data Backups, or Smart Contracts.

See the details in our use case page to understand this deeper.

STEP 3. You are ready

Voilà! You are done.

Your network is being deployed, and a new API will be waiting for you. See our documentation page for details.

Ready to start?

Usually, your company will want to configure certain business rules or write specific smart contracts onto your Blockchain. Therefore, to help you out, we have a worldwide network of partners that can do this with you.

You can check out our partners below, or just contact us at [email protected] and we will connect you with the right partner:

Our Technology Partners


European Union & Russia

V3 Digital

US & Canada

Lead Web

US & Canada

Soluciones Orión

Chile & LATAM

What’s under the Hood.

Gridcube has developed a proprietary software that is capable of launching blockchain nodes on cloud infrastructures, in an intelligent way. It can be called an “orchestration middleware” that can manage infrastructure (cloud servers) automatically.

Therefore, it can spin up a new blockchain and its nodes in real time, easily and securely. It can even coordinate cloud and on-premise topologies to work together, for special use cases. It’s the magic behind our service, and it’s all aimed at optimizing and simplifying the experience for the user.

Some important features that set us apart.


  • Multi-cloud deployment: we can deploy nodes over different cloud providers, such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and establishing a common network.
  • Elastic: we can upsize or downsize the processing power and availability of the network’s node based on business rules.
  • Auto-scalable: the elastic capabilities are automatic and function through smart optimization rules.


  • High Availability: our private blockchains’s speed can go up to 3 million TPS , making it perfect for high-demand business applications. 
  • Cost-efficiency: an important variable of smart autoscaling is the lower overall cost of the infrastructure. This helps us keep our prices competitive.
  • Deployment Speed: we can spin new solutions in minutes, for your convenience.

Ready to Start? 

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