Blockchain for your business, finally made easy. 

Leverage the power of blockchain to make your business take the lead. Thanks to Gridcube’s Elastic Blockchain technology, you can create blockchain-powered business applications in minutes, giving your company a new edge that others can only dream of. Don’t waste months trying to figure blockchain out, and let Gridcube do the heavy lifting.

Why Blockchain.

Why Blockchain is important for your Business.

Blockchain is revolutionizing every industry and therefore every business imaginable, one new use case at a time. By enabling the creation of digital value and doing away with the middlemen in charge of trust, it will create a new, economic landscape still to be discovered.

Is your business getting ready for this transformation?

Why Gridcube.

Gridcube is the easiest way to have a blockchain-powered business app.

Gridcube has a unique approach to deploying Blockchain technology. Instead of focusing on the blockchain itself, our breakthrough was discovering that the underlying infrastructure is just as important. Therefore, we developed a “Smart Cloud Manager”, a middleware software capable of deploying a blockchain network efficiently, fast, and optimized for cost.

This approach gives us unique advantages, like:

  • Lightning fast deployment. Your blockchain can be up and running in minutes.

  • No need to manage any infrastructure. We do all the heavy lifting.

  • Business applications are easy to integrate with Gridcube. Every deployment comes with an API that enables your team to connect to the blockchain backend easily.

Gridcube Platform Token (GPT).

With GPT you can:

  • Buy goods and services at
  • Gain access to “Coding is Mining” loyalty and reward initiative, 45% of the profit of the program will be distributed within GPT holders.

Smart Contract Address:  0x1e867d04FBb7434093071237813Df00b3Df6ee77

For Private Sale Contact us: [email protected]

Added value for your Business.

How can your Business leverage Gridcube’s Blockchain solution

There are many ways to use a private blockchain solution in a business context.  We have packaged them for 3 distinct uses:

Backup Data easily and securely

Centralized database systems will always be prone to hacks or to being tampered with. Blockchain is the first technology that’s secure and tamper-proof. Backup your sensible data on the blockchain and never again lose mission-critical information.

CREATE Your OWN Token Economy

Give your customers or employees a valuable token linked to your business. This token can represent value, loyalty points, ownership of a digital asset, or whatever you can imagine. Set any rules you need.

Smart contracts for your business

Reach agreements with other players automatically using code-written contracts that will self-execute on the blockchain. Give your suppliers or customers a way to integrate your business processes in a secure and reliable way with blockchain.

Working with Gridcube has many advantages*

*Data according to current client’s experience


of saved operational costs


cheaper than other blockchain solutions


faster to implement

What are you waiting for?

Deploy your own private blockchain right now.

Who we are.

Our Team

Tech companies are made of people and code.  This is us.

Jose R. Rosas

Jose R. Rosas

CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

Founder. Enterprise Solution Specialist, Hybrid IT & Infrastructure Expert, Blockchain Strategist.
Moisés Godoy

Moisés Godoy

CTO (Chief Technology Officer)

Founder. Blockchain Enterprise Architect, Systems Integrator, Developer, Open-Source enthusiast.
Juan Mardones

Juan Mardones

CPO (Chief Partners Officer)

Operations Specialist, Partnership Development, Project Management.
Mario Alvarez L.

Mario Alvarez L.

Frontend Developer / Designer

UX Specialist, UI Expert.
Mario Maureira

Mario Maureira

Frontend Developer

Ionic Expert, Javascript Specialist.
Our Advisors.

Our External Advisors.

They are our guidance. Here they are.

Cristián Olea

Cristián Olea

Venture Capital Investor. Financial and Business Model Specialist. Business Analysis, Market research and Client Management Advisor.
Andrés Cargill

Andrés Cargill

Technology Advisor, Venture Capital, IT and Services, Cybersecurity and Multi-cloud Advisor. LATAM Regional Specialist.
Dong Wang (王栋)

Dong Wang (王栋)

Great experience in the crypto and blockchain industry. High comfort level with social media and online communications in China and Russia.

WeChat ID: dongvc9908

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